Dec 032013
Meet the Finalist: POY Comedy

In December 2013 we got through to the finals of the GIANT WEB SERIES COMPETITION ( held in London. This is our rather quirky introduction video showcasing some of people behind the series in a somewhat unusual way. Enjoy!

Nov 102013
Launch of the 1st Season

Did somebody say LAUNCH? Yes, that would be us! As the title of this blog entry already nicely specifies: We are launching Episode 1 of Series 1 of Points Of You today, Sunday 10th November 2013, 3PM. To say we’re […]

Jul 082013
Marketing, subtitles and more

Dearest people! What news! We can proudly announce that the “Remaining Workload” section on our website has been shortened! How did we do this? Well, while a few weeks ago 4 of the biggest points on our To Do List […]

Jul 082013

1st SEASON EPISODES (95%): Nearly finished! SUBTITLES (75%): Translations 90% done! Subtitles 50% done! INTRO / OUTRO (75%): Film it Edit it MAKING OF / EXTRAS (50%): Concept for character specific material Film character specific material Edit it Launch it […]