Jul 082013

POY production progress june 2013


  • Nearly finished!


  • Translations 90% done!
  • Subtitles 50% done!

INTRO / OUTRO (75%):

  • Film it
  • Edit it


  • Concept for character specific material
  • Film character specific material
  • Edit it
  • Launch it

TRAILER (33%):

  • Concept
  • Design elements
  • Editing


  • New Website
  • Facebook-Site
  • Twitter-channel
  • Google+ – Site
  • New YouTube channel
  • Finding sponsors/partners for 2. Season
  • Organizing the PREMIERE

MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION: We are currently talking to a few people and companies who have expressed interest in the series. No contracts have been signed, no hands have been shaken, but we are making progress! There are many ideas in the room and we are open to suggestions and proposals, but we want it to be the right choice for the series. A key part – if not the most important – of the series’ success is YOU. We made this series for YOU and that’s why at the end of the day it’s YOU who can help us spread the word. Retweeting/Liking us doesn’t cost a penny, but really helps us build our audience and get the series out there. Got a friend who writes for a popular blog? – Tell ‘em about us! Know someone who has Gazillions of followers on Twitter? – Tell ‘em about us! We’re not a huge global company with an enormous marketing budget, but we are passionate filmmakers who believe in creating original content that’s different. And we believe in sharing that content with the people who really matter: YOU.

THE PREMIERE: Obviously. Invitations need to be sent to George Clooney and the rest of the gang. Red carpets need to be bought and limos hired. Okay, maybe that’s in the future, but we still need to plan a fantastic party for everyone who was/is involved! It’s been a long journey and the least we can do is give someone a pint. Or 2. Maybe 3.

So we’re looking for the right location, the right catering and well…drinks. Some of our team have experience in event management so we’re confident it’ll be a great night for everyone!
So, keen peruser of other people’s work load – as you can see there’s a lot to be done. Rest assured: We’re on it! Thank you for your interest and enjoy the rest of our new website!