Jul 082013

Dearest people!

What news! We can proudly announce that the “Remaining Workload” section on our website has been shortened! How did we do this? Well, while a few weeks ago 4 of the biggest points on our To Do List were “A new intro”, “Making Of clips”, “Marketing” and Subtitles” we have now made substantial progress on all 4 fronts.

We’ve returned from filming our new intro in Berlin, have uploaded our first 3 Making Of clips (and have loads more lined up!).

On the Marketing and Subtitles fronts; we are working together with PilPels Marketing over in London and are almost done with all the subtitles for the 1st Series, no easy task considering we offer English, German, French, Italien, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish subtitles!

Due to great progress in the key areas our lovely SPEECHBUBBLE OF PROGRESSION, SUCCESS, SELF-WORTH, WORK & FUN has now climbed to 86% – indicating how close we are to launching the 1st Series!

However, we’re not done yet! Check out the updated “Remaining Workload” section here to see what still needs to be done!

But for now: Hooray!

Your (happy) POINTS OF YOU Team

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  1. Hurra!