Nov 102013
Image Premierenfeier

Party at the Premiere

Did somebody say LAUNCH?

Yes, that would be us! As the title of this blog entry already nicely specifies: We are launching Episode 1 of Series 1 of Points Of You today, Sunday 10th November 2013, 3PM.
To say we’re excited would be a vast understatement. To say we can’t wait to share 2.5 years of hard work with our lovely audience (you) would also be a vast understatement. To date over 120 people have helped shape the series and the time has come to share it!

Last week we had our Cast & Crew & Friends & Family & Gatecrashers Premiere in Berlin (where we shot the series) and the feedback has been overwhelming! Thanks to our lovely bunch of sponsors we had plenty of beer, bubbly and nibbles, which went down well (literally and figuratively).

As you might know our series has no official source of funding, the aforementioned 120 people have given up their time for free to work on Points Of You and thus our marketing budget comes to a grand total of… well… *gets out calculator*… *types away frantically*… *cries*… 50 Euros?!

So, the series’ success completely depends on you and your willingness to share our story with your friends, family, colleagues and even your enemies! Yes, this is the time for reconciliation! Via the medium of comedy!

Producing a web series is like a big jig saw puzzle. There are many different pieces that all come together to create the bigger picture. Be it catering, locations or equipment. We are but one piece short of completing our puzzle – the last piece being you: our audience.

Please join our puzzle and help the series get the attention it deserves.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy watching Points Of You as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you!

With smiles, hugs and best wishes,