Jun 082013
Mandy Berndt

Highly skilled new intern Mandy

So what’s been happening lately at Points Of You? Well, frankly: Loads. Our team in Berlin has struck gold with our highly skilled new intern Mandy. Her ideas and input have been fantastic and we’re glad to have her on board! Mandy’s current mission is our new Making Of clip! What’s the Making Of about?

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Our intro! Yep, you might have read/heard/seen/sensed that we’re filming a new intro in Berlin soon – on June 15th to be precise and we thought it might make for an entertaining new clip! Team London is very excited to be jetting off to Berlin for what’s shaping up to be a fun filled shoot!

We’ll also be seizing the opportunity of having all the actors around for some interviews and would love to hear some questions from our audience! Send them over and we’ll ask the cast!

Kathrin and Lukas

Kathrin and Lukas, shooting for Points Of You

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The other big bit of news is that we’re now officially working with Pilpels Marketing on the launch of the 1st series! The company is run by a very nice lady called Mijal Lasus who is of Uruguayan and Austrian heritage and therefore fits perfectly into Points Of You’s multinational team! They are as enthusiastic about the series as we are and have some exciting ideas lined up!

So, expect a shiny new Making Of clip, a cool intro and updates from Berlin! If you have any comments, feedback or if you’re in Berlin and want to say hello, just post it here or on our Facebook page or even on Twitter!

And don’t forget to send us some questions for the cast interview!

Hugs all round,

Your Points Of You Team!