Apr 222013

Welcome to our brand new, spanking new, very new and very own blog, which is indeed part of our new website! Our team has been slaving away at the new design and functions for the last 2 months and we hope it’s to your liking!

As you may or may not be aware of our first series is almost finished and will be hitting your screen very soon. You can keep up to date with our work load by clicking on the link in the sidebar section to your right.

Anyway – the first series – 4 stories, told from 2 perspectives each = 8 episodes. We’ll take you on a comedic journey that encompasses kinky lingerie, spy gadgets, Italian food, the American government and people hugging trees. Uh, there’s nudity as well. Obviously.

Until the big launch, we’ll be posting treats along the way to keep you on the edge of your seat. For Health & Safety reasons we must point out that we don’t actually want you to fall OFF the seat. Just remain on the edge. Thanks.

For now, click away and have a look at our new website. Also check out our Trailer and have a look at the Pilot episode!

Keep in touch – maybe on that example of social bravado that is Twitter or even on Facebook!

Spread the word, not the Marmite. Thanks for stopping by!

Your overexcited POINTS OF YOU Team

P.S.: Don’t forget to choose your subtitles when watching our clips!